New course launched :   Certificate in Business Valuation

About the Course

Finance professionals usually have to work with large volumes of numerical data. However, the key to successfully handle such data is the ability to organize and structure it meaningfully to render them useful to senior management for decision making. This entails creation of robust and dynamic financial models facilitating accurate and efficient analysis of historical data and appropriate projection of financial performance.

We have experienced that it is imperative to learn Financial Modelling as it is critical to achieve correct valuation analyses, which in turn, fuels well-informed and appropriate strategic organizational decisions. The importance of sound financial modelling skills, deep understanding of valuation methods and the assessment of outputs of valuations for finance professionals should never be underestimated!

Through the Ernst and Young Financial Modelling course, the candidates will become efficient in Fin Modelling. They will also learn to build robust and flexible financial models to report and analyse historical data, prepare future projections and present integrated financial statements. Candidates will understand and apply these skills with the help of examples specially devised to demonstrate alternate ways to compute various financial parameters.

This Certificate in Financial Modelling and Valuation course also introduces the basics of business valuation, various valuation methods and interpretation of the results of the valuation. The learnings from these demonstrations and examples will be further augmented by a holistic case-study, which will cover all the modules taught. On completion of the course, the candidates should be able to develop well-structured, robust and dynamic financial models to perform an independent business valuation.

Who Should Take this course?

  • Finance professionals working in investment banking and equity research
  • Finance managers
  • Corporate finance, private equity and M&A professionals
  • CA, FRM, MBA finance, CFA course candidates
  • Self-employed finance professionals
  • Finance Graduates

Course Coverage

Courses in Financial Modelling and Valuation are among the most sought after in the financial universe. These Financial Modelling classes are designed to cover all the major aspects of financial modelling, such as:

  • Best practices
  • Structuring and designing models
  • Sector-specific working of revenue and expense
  • Understanding various possible ways to compute different line items forming part of financial statements
  • Tax calculation
  • Integrating financial statements to present a cohesive output
  • Building macros
  • Financial Planning and Modelling
  • Various approaches to valuation and how to apply them
  • Presentation of output in an appealing as well as meaningful manner
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