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About the Course

Data is the new oil which means it is essential, available in plenty, easy to mine, becoming the fuel of every organization’s decision-making machinery. Today data is not only helping organizations become efficient and effective but also giving decisions great velocity and quality, based on insights thrown up by data. Data is bringing transformation in the way organizations function, analyze, respond and interact – with internal customers as well as external ones. Now with decision making being no longer based on intuition but intelligence, understanding data is the necessary science every professional need to proficient in.

Business Intelligence is one of the critical methodology to understand the business data better to get meaningful insights and to take better business decisions. This is the first step towards building a data driven organization to be at par in cut throat competitions. While there are many tools for this purpose, Power BI has been gaining popularity for offering cutting edge tools that help transform an organization’s data into rich visuals and offer a panoramic view of the business to users helping them gauge updates in real time. The Power BI dashboard can run on multiple devices and helps organize data into trans formative visuals. Having Interactive visualization and business intelligence capabilities, the organization can transform their business by gaining great insights from their business data.

This course helps you to build your capability to analyze, visualize and report data by using Power BI. This Power BI course covers the important tools to monitor business growth and quickly get answers through rich reporting features and dashboards. The course may help you learn to connect and import business data, publish reports, create dashboards, and share with the business users. This course is best suited for Business Intelligence professionals who are required to generate reports and analyze data using Microsoft Power BI.

Course Benefits

  • Learn to create dashboards with quick insights
  • Transform the business data for analysis and create effective visualizations
  • Learn how to create reports based on various interactive visualization types
  • Uncover new growth opportunities for the business
  • Apply business intelligence solution faster for the critical business issues
  • Understand, analyze and visualize complex business data in an easier way
  • 100+ examples explained
  • Bonus session on Power BI Services

Who Should Take this Course?

  • Business & data Analysts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business intelligence developers
  • BI professionals
  • Fresh graduates and young professionals
  • Mid-level managers
  • Professionals working in MIS and operations

Course Coverage

  • Introducing Power BI Desktop
  • Working with Data (Cleaning and Transforming the data)
  • Shaping and combining data
  • Enhancing the Data Model
  • Analysing Data through Power Pivot
  • Custom Graphics and Charts & Maps
  • Data Analysis [removed]DAX)
  • Working with Calculated Tables
  • Using Parameter Tables
  • Publishing and Managing Power Pivot Models
  • Importing Data with Power Query
  • Analysing Data with Power View and Power Map
  • Power BI and Excel Together
  • The Developer API
  • Power BI mobile app
  • Power BI Services
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