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About the Course:

Due to the evolution of disruptive technologies, the HR (Human Resource) domain has witnessed a dramatic change over a period of time. It is now no more focussed on the “Human” aspect of driving an organization and depends more on data and technology to support the growth of an organization. The rise of a data driven approach and the impact it holds over HR and its processes resulted in the evolution of a new term and discipline: “human resources analytics,” also known as people analytics. HR analytics helps organization discover how people play a critical role in the field of human resources management.

“As HR technologies and platforms evolve, there is more information available for us to capture electronically. HR analytics is about the different ways we capture, measure, and organize that information to create valuable insights for an organization.” -Tom Penque, Lecturer of Masters in HRM, Northeastern University. A report on the study conducted by LinkedIn says that the country has seen 77% growth in specialized analytics professionals employed in human resource functions in the past five years, as an increasing number of companies are turning to analytics 
to address workforce planning, skills gap and employee retention.

People analytics is future of HR in India, shows LinkedIn report - The Economic Times (indiatimes.com) EY learning solutions has curated a comprehensive eLearning program on HR analytics, covering most of the aspects of HR analytics such as – HR Dashboarding, Attrition analytics, performance appraisal analysis, predicting cost of future planning and many more using most commonly and powerful tools like Advanced Excel, Power BI and Python. 

Course Coverage:

  • Introduction to HR Analytics
  • Getting started with analytics
  • HR Dashboard Designing (Power BI)
  • HR Dashboarding
  • Dashboard Introduction
  • Importing and Transforming Data
  • Data Visualization and DAX
  • Power BI Services
  • Basics of Python
  • Python Essential Packages
  • Data-Cleaning (pandas)
  • Visualization (Matplotlib)
  • Statistics and Hypothesis
  • Attrition Management using Descriptive Statistics
  • Projecting Employee Salary Using Linear Regression
  • Projecting Employee turnover and attrition
  • Projecting Appraisal By evaluating Performance
  • Projecting HR Cost Using Time Series

Who Should Attend:

  • MBA – HR students who intend to build their career into the new dynamics of HR leveraging technology and analytics. 
  • Entrepreneurs and HR professionals who wish to advance their HR analytical skills and move into more strategic roles.
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